The only collectivist principle is Power

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The only principle to which collectivists stick is Power. For them no other consideration takes precedence. This is the reason why it is so common to see them changing their minds constantly with respect to fundamental political issues.

Alberto Müller Rojas is a good example of what I said above. As you can see in this video from Venezuela es Noticia, which should date from the end of 2007 and in which vicepresident of the Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV) states emphatically that the Chávez government has a final date and that cannot be changed.

Nevertheless, Müller Rojas is now the leader of the "strategic commission" of the campaign headquarters for the "Yes" in the next referendum, which will decide on a Constitutional amendment to allow Chávez to run for reelection as president of Venezuela for as many terms as he likes .

If the law and the constitution convinced Müller Rojas a year ago that the elimination of term limits was not possible, what convinces him now that it is indeed possible? Certainly it is not the law, neither the constitution, since these have not changed, that is to say, the principles have not changed.

But as every good collectivist, Alberto Müller Rojas has no principles, except power. To grab and to keep power are his objectives. The end is to be able to rule over the lives of others.

When we reach that point, the end justifies the means. One of the most common prescriptions for disaster for any nation.

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Comentario De: Kira [Visitante]
KiraThe "libertaians" also want power, Private economic power. Collective power is better than individual power.
30.12.08 @ 22:32:56 -0430 VET
Comentario De: Kira [Visitante]
KiraMisspelling. I meant of course "libertarians".
30.12.08 @ 22:34:17 -0430 VET
Comentario De: The State [Visitante]
The Statefound a pretty clever twitter


it’s from the point of view of the state, kinda funny

thought you might enjoy it :)
13.04.09 @ 23:37:33 -0430 VET
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